Mantra For Good Relationship With Husband 5/5 (6)

mantra for good relationship with husband
mantra for good relationship with husband

Marriage is not a perfect state and therefore both partners in the marriage need to work towards making each other happy. Therefore, here are some things that a wife can do in order to form a loving bond with her husband. One way of doing this is through the use of mantras which is simply the constant reciting of affirmative statements that lead to the development of the kind of relationship one wants to have. Here are ten tips/ways that will make you and your husband’s bond stronger.

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1. “I respect my husband.”

Conisderation is one of the most important ingredients of any relationship. Whenever one tends to accept and appreciate the idea of respecting the husband – regardless of the differences, then it portrays the importance of the relationship. Do not dismiss his thoughts, expectations or wants in the same way he should not disregard yours.

2. ‘’I respect my husband to be a man and let him be on his own.”

Do not attempt to dominate or try to transform your husband into your preferred person. Instead, one should allow him to do things he enjoys and interact with his friends if the problem relates to peer pressure. It is always good to maintain a level of independence in any relationship for the sake of the overall health and happiness of the bond. Give him the love that he needs and deal with him as you would expect to be dealt with with regards to being accepted for who you are.

3. The notion of open communication with my husband is an important characteristic.

It was clear that when people speak to each other without any barriers or secrets, they avoid conflict, and this creates intimacy. Feedback: Open your heart and mind and tell what you are thinking and how you feel, and what you desire and what you fear. Give him your ears when he gives you himself in the form of a speech. This way, the connection remains strong and trust is created, which is an essential part of a good relationships.

4. The positive aspect of this work was to hear from the participants that they focus on the positive in their husband.

Every marriage has challenges. When all you get to observe is the bad side, a small problem is perceived to be a big one. Learn to appreciate your husband and focus on the positive aspects he brings into your life. Sometimes men need to feel valued for what they offer in a relationship and this requires acknowledging all that he does for you.

5. ‘ ‘This relationship is one in which I am constantly contributing more than what I receive.’

Cultivate your marriage out of appreciation and love by giving small kinds gestures. Cook his favorite dish, plan for a movie night/dinner date, or gift him a small token. Self-destructive lovers nurture relationships by offering more than they consume and starving the non-romantic partner of passion.

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6. My husband and I are partners, that is, we move together as a single unit.

You and your husband are in it together – it’s not a game where you are on the other team or the opposite corner. Be unified. Commit decisions together, be each other’s partners and encourage one another’s aspirations. This sentence reinforces the fact that a good team is capable of overcoming all the odds that are placed in front of it.

7. In response to the statement “I am guilty of betraying my husband, “I say, “I readily apologize to my husband.”

You and your husband are not exempted from being an imperfect couple, which is perfectly normal. He who is wrong must apologize immediately if he has offended any one or said any thing wrong; do not nurse any little disappointment. Say sorry and make up again from this point and go on with harmony.

8. “I can appreciate the positive qualities of a man, specifically my husband.”

It would only be right to assume the best of your husband instead of dwelling on the worst. Do not point fingers or blame one another immediately when there are concerns or issues to be address. But one should not think evil of him since maybe he has good intentions towards the situation. Optimism fosters a relationship; suspicion sows its seeds of destruction.

9. One woman commented, ‘I accept my husband just as he is’.

Therefore, it is wrong to interfere with his affairs, lure, or pressure him into becoming the kind of man you want him to be. Do not reject him for what he might lack or might be different from others in terms of personality. This means that he will be granted enough room to expand into the best version of himself and this is possible when you accept your husband without a single condition.

10. This is why I have prioritized intimate moments with my husband as an important part of my day.

It is common for people to lose touch with each other or become so busy with their careers and raising children that they push aside the need for intimacy. Physical affection, fun, truth, and passion should not be tossed to the side because of tiredness or stress in the marriage. As the years go by, you begin to forget why you initially developed feelings for each other- that is where intimacy comes in.

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These mantras or the other similar ones which are created by the couple or picked up by the couple ensure that the marriage is always lively, harmonized and happy. If you would like to have a healthy relationship with your husband, then you should always make a conscious effort. This way, you change the approach from the old ways and reinforce the components of a loving and lasting marriage that both individuals deserve.

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