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Astrology Remedies For Wealth And Prosperity
Astrology Remedies For Wealth And Prosperity

Astrology Remedies For Wealth And Prosperity

Astrology Remedies For Wealth And Prosperity or astro tips for wealth and prosperity is a type of remedies to improve financial status. We will provide you tantra remedies for wealth for wealth and prosperity.

Astrology Remedies For Wealth And Prosperity
Astrology Remedies For Wealth And Prosperity

Astrology remedies for wealth and prosperity make living comfortable and smooth. You can try them for peace and happiness as well.

As Such, Consider These Remedies;

  • You should appease Lord Kuber, the God of Wealth. Hence, you should place your cash locker in the south or south-west wall of your home. It means that the door will open in the north. This will attract money. Besides, keep Kuberyantra in your home temple. Also, seek His blessings regularly.
  • Again, visit Gaj-Lakshmi temple every Friday. Offer Maa Lakshmi red flowers and ghee lamp. Light 9 lamps every Friday night. Recite Shree Shuktamto attain wealth. Also, pray whole-heartedly for your purpose. You should also donate some money from your income to charity every month. Besides, treat every woman of your home with respect. All these will please Goddess Lakshmi. You will, therefore, earn more money.
  • Another remedy is to drop an empty pitcher into water body every Wednesday. Do it for six consecutive Wednesdays. However, do not break it in the middle. Your business earnings will increase.
  • Furthermore, draw Swastik signs on both sides of the doors of your home and workplace. Use saffron or turmeric paste to bring the symbol. Also, light a Deepak and place chanadaal on jaggery. Do this every Thursday. You should also clean the places with Holy Ganga water. You will get prosperous fast.

Thus, these astrology remedies for wealth and prosperity will soon fulfil your wish.

Astro Tips For Wealth And Prosperity

Astro Tips For Wealth And Prosperity, Sometimes you do need astro tips for wealth and prosperity. You can amass wealth super quick. Moreover, they are easy to use.

In This Regard, Follow These Tips;

  • You should keep a conch in the south direction of your home. It is a popular and time tested technique to attract wealth and prosperity.
  • Begin this remedy on the 1st Saturday of ShuklaPaksha. Continue it for 11 Saturdays. You should distribute poori and bhaji to poor people. It ensures that you enjoy a constant money flow.
  • Again, clean your home and workplace every day, preferably holy Ganga water. Besides, remove rusty metals to ward off negativity. De-clutter your home from unwanted things to attract positive energies.
  • Again, keep a peepal tree in your home. Light a ghee lamp with mustard oil, especially on every Sunday evening. Keep it near the plant. You can also place a Tulsi plant. It will ensure that Goddess Lakshmi always stays in your home.
  • Another useful tip is to eat one jaggery piece every day before leaving for work. Do it after you finish your daily prayers. You will certainly succeed in your tasks.
  • You can also visit a temple barefoot. Start it from Diwali. Light a ghee lamp and strong-scented incense in front of the temple deity. Also, offer Her sweets. Finally, pray to Goddess Lakshmi and seek Her blessings for your intention.

If you follow these astro tips for wealth and prosperity, you will increase your earnings.

Remedies To Improve Financial Status

Remedies To Improve Financial Status, You should apply solutions to improve your financial status. Despite hard work you can fail to become successful. Hence, you should use these astro tricks.

Accordingly, Learn These Remedies;

  • Always place your cash locker in the south or south-west wall of your home and office. It will ensure that the door opens in the north. This will attract Lord Kuber’s blessings. You will, therefore, earn more.
  • You should never earn money by unfair means. It will decrease your happiness and peace. You should pay for everything you buy. Also, donate a portion of your income to charity every month. Again, you should respect the elderly and the women.
  • Again, wrap Kuberyantra in a red cloth. Keep it in your home temple. Every daylight a diya and pray early morning. This will fetch you more money as you will please Lord Kuber, the God of Wealth.
  • Furthermore, de-clutter your home and office from unwanted things. You should also throw away rusty metals, broken objects and things which are not in use anymore. It will clear your space for positive energies.
  • Moreover, you can visit any temple every Friday. Offer Ganga water through a south-opening conch shell to Lord Vishnu. You should also pray to Mata Lakshmi. Recite Shree Shuktam to get wealth. Light 9 pure ghee lamp. Also, offer her red flowers, strong incense and sweets. Apply saffron tilak on your forehead as you pray.

Therefore, you should use remedies to improve financial status.

Tantra Remedies For Wealth

Tantra remedies for wealth are incredibly beneficial. They are tried and tested techniques used for generations. Hence, you can use them for attaining wealth.

In This Respect, Learn These Remedies;

  • You should keep a Hatha Jodi in your home temple. It is a plant with branches similar to human arms. Ensure that it has a claw outline along with the arms. Always keep it raw. However, before using it, wash it in Ganga water. Place it in a red cloth to dry it. Then, dip it in sindoor and preserve it.
  • Again every Friday night, around 8.00 p.m., sit on a yellow woollen cloth. Take a yellow hakik rosary in hand and pray a suitable mantra for 108 times. Later, wear the rosary but open it before going to the toilet or having sex. You should do it every day until your wealth problems get solved.
  • Furthermore, buy 11 pure hakik stones on a Saturday. Wash it with water and make a tilak out of it. On the same night, visit a Kali temple. Worship her and keep the beads at her feet. Then, chant Kali mantra for 501 times. Then, take the beads in red cloth and keep it with you.
  • You can also keep a motishankh in your cash locker at home. Every morning, pour some water out of it into your bucket. Then, bathe with it. It will earn your Mata Lakshmi’s blessings.

Thus, you can apply Tantra remedies for wealth.

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