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erase someone from your memory
erase someone from your memory

Hypnosis To Forget Someone

Hypnosis To Forget Someone also use to stop loving someone or stop thinking about someone. If you love someone but in any problem if you want to erase someone from your memory then use this hypnosis to forget anyone.

Sheela was working at a PR firm. She was an excellent value for the company. Sheela was a professional having total of 5-7 years of work experience. She was a widow and had a child. Everybody supported her so much when she was grieving for her husband’s loss.

Now its been almost any year and her life was still going on without her husband. She was living as a single and working mother. Recently a new intern joined the firm. His name was Shashi. Shashi used to get the training under Sheela. Sheela used to give him briefly, and he used to grasp it much quicker.

Hypnosis To Forget Someone
Hypnosis To Forget Someone

To train him, she had to take him to various places like a client meeting, media round, events, etc. So they started knowing each other very carefully. He also sometimes used to stay at Sheela’s home as she was visiting nearby to the office due to working late at night. Both started developing an interest in each other. And in no time, they started getting romantically involved.

That time was a very passionate phase for both of them. Soon, Shashi got a new girlfriend, and his internship had also got completed in the company so he said that they could no longer be romantically involved in each other. Sheela accepted it, but her mind was not being able to cope up with that. She had developed love and feelings for him.

Somebody suggested that hypnosis to forget someone would work. She asked what that is. Then her friend explained to her what is hypnosis to forget someone.

Hypnosis To Stop Loving Someone

Sheela started thinking about her friends’ suggestion. The had never been to an astrologer she doesn’t know if astrologer would have something as hypnosis to stop loving someone. At the same time, she used to miss shasi so much.

She always used to stalk him on social media websites. And used to get depressed by seeing his photos with her new girlfriend, new office, new colleagues, new friends, etc. and here she was having a terrible and hard time. Sometimes she used to realize that maybe she is not giving proper time and attention to her kid too.

She used to take out all those gifts that he gave her. He had gifted a magnificent wig of long hair. And her profile picture on various social media platforms was using that wig only, and it had so many likes. She also had once used that in an office party. He also had gifted her two sarees which she never wore out of her house.

She wore it only for him in the house itself. She used to take out these things from her cupboard and miss him. Sheela was so engrossed in his love; she used to spread these things on her sofa or bed so that whenever she is in the house, she would feel his presence. She occasionally used to msg her friends too about how depressed she was feeling. Again her friends used to suggest her to go to an astrologer so that he might give her something as hypnosis to stop loving someone.

Hypnosis To Stop Thinking About Someone

Her friends used to think or instead they had a strong belief that if she goes to consult an astrologer, and if he gives her hypnosis to stop thinking about someone, she would undoubtedly start feeling better. Sheela was not even paying attention to her grooming neatly. She started looking filthy, untidy. Her friends one asked Shashi to come and have a word with her, but it did not make any difference. When he came to talk to her, she started thinking that he still cares for her, so she began to love him and miss him more.

She was religious too, so they asked her to do some meditation, chanting, yoga, pranayama. Someone also suggested her to join a gym. She immediately joined the gym, but it didn’t have much of an impact. She occasionally used to think, what if she goes to an astrologer and he gives her hypnosis to stop thinking about someone? ‘Would I stop thinking about Shashi?’ Just because she had never tried it, she had this unsure feeling.

She also tried diverting her mind to her kid. Sheela used to drop his school, used to go to pick him after school. She also tried diverting her mind going for cooking classes or trying cakes, pastries, pasta, pizza, sweets, desserts at home. All these things helped her temporarily, but she needed something permanent. She required something that would wipe out Shashi permanently from her memory. She wishes there was some tablet for that so that she would gupt it and Shashi would be gone.

Hypnosis To Erase Someone From Your Memory

Little did she know there existed such kind of a tablet. Although not in a physical form, and not as easy as gulping a tablet, but there surely existed a remedy. And that would be hypnosis to erase someone from your memory. And that is precisely what her friends were suggesting her.

One day she left the office to go home. Her friends were with him, they called a cab, and instead of going back, they said, today we will take you to the astrologer. They all went to meet a very famous astrologer in town.

Everybody narrated what exactly happened between Shashi and Sheela, why they are not together anymore and how Sheela is suffering etc. after listening to all this, astrologer finally said to Sheela, I would give you the hypnosis to erase someone from your memory. Sheela said okay.

All returned to the home. Although Sheela delayed going to the astrologer, once she met him, after that she started following each and everything suggested by him. Soon she started behaving in a better way. She signed a very successful deal for the company. She rejuvenated her contact with reporters from a large tv news company and gave pan India coverage to NGO clients’ event for free.

They did not have to spend a single penny. Everybody was praising her and complimenting her and congratulating her for her success and hard work. Soon she started dating a successful businessman, and thus Sheela’s life became normal once again. All this happened merely in a few months.

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