Mantra For Healing Addiction 5/5 (9)

Mantra For Healing Addiction
Mantra For Healing Addiction

Mantra For Healing Addiction

Mantra For Healing Addiction or for removing alcohol addiction can be use for quitting drinking. For fast result you can use our strong hindu mantras for drug addiction.

Addiction- the worst thing ever exist on this earth. People are addicted to various situations. Once you caught with the disease of addiction, you can never get enough of it.

The only thing you will ask for more and more of it. If you love to do something, then it’s okay because you are living your life, you can do any task limit to everything. Things that go up to the border is not suitable for life.

Mantra For Healing Addiction
Mantra For Healing Addiction

People have various addictions; some have mobile habit some have cigarette addiction; or some have drinking addiction; and some have relationship addiction. People are living with addiction, especially in today’s world.

They are addicted to many things. Anything that goes beyond the limit is wrong for us. Nowadays, people have an addiction to mobile. They use it unnecessary without any restriction.

Many of the accidents are also happening due to it. There are many other criminal cases are also occur due to mobile addiction. People are also living with the addiction to alcohol, cigarettes. We are no one to interfere in a person’s life, but when things go beyond the limit, we have the right to advice such a person.

Excess consumption of cigarette, alcohol is not suitable for your health. It can cause various health problems. Nowadays, teenagers and kids get the addiction to drugs, which is the worst one it is on the top list of dependencies. They are spoiling their life due to the consumption of such hazardous products.

Hindu Mantra For Drug Addiction

Hindu Mantra For Drug Addiction, People get addicted to drugs in today’s time. The most dangerous substance which exists on this earth. Once you taste it, you want to eat it more. Slowly, but rapidly, It becomes your necessity, your addiction. Drugs are the illegal substance which sells openly in the market.

Teenagers buy such products from drug dealers. Not only teenagers but youngsters also become prey of such dangerous poison. Yes, you can also call it poison, it will not kill you immediately, but it will kill you slowly and rapidly. First, it will destroy you from internally, by which you will feel blackness in your body.

You start acting like a maniac if you do not get your does on time. Only a few grams of drugs cost a million, and you may wonder drug takers pay such a significant amount to the drug dealers to fulfill their addiction. Many parents or partners of drug takers do not become aware that their children or partner is consuming drugs daily.

The drug is a white color substance, which can take through licking or by inhaling through your nostrils which reach directly into your brain and people called it heaven. They think when they inhale the drugs from their nose, it directly contacts to their mind, which makes them feel like reached in heaven, they feel stress less.

  • Mantra

Chant this mantra to remove your or someone else drug addiction.

Om Maha Shaktyai Vid Mahe Shakti

RupaneDhimahiTanno Shakti PrachoDayat

Mantra For Removing Alcohol Addiction

Mantra For Removing Alcohol Addiction, Alcohol is also one of the dangerous substance, which comes after the drug. Consuming alcohol is banned in India, especially if you are not 18+, but more than 50% of the population is drinking alcohol, which is not even 18. Nowadays, trends are changing. Teenagers, youngsters start consuming alcohol. They do not even care about their health. They believe in early death.

According to youngsters and teenagers, there is no life exist on this earth; There life is hell, so that is why they want to end it with the consumption of alcohol. Yes, we know it is a pretty insane thing, many parents are aware of their children acts.

They do not take any initiative against them. They support them more by saying it is not a bad thing; you should also try this. But many parents do not even know that their children start consuming alcohol. They are not aware of such an act of their children

  • How to remove alcohol addiction?

It is not accessible to remove, such as hazardous material addiction. People may readily transfer their study or reading addiction, but when it comes to toxic, it is not easy for them to remove.

Even they thought they look cool while consuming such an alcoholic substance. In astrology, there is a mantra for removing all your addictions. It also works for alcohol addiction.

||Om Ram Ramaya Namah||

Recite this Ram mantra for 11 times in a day for at least 40 days.

Mantra For Quitting Drink

Mantra For Quitting Drink, Is it easy to quit your habit or addiction? No definitely not especially when you become habitual of it. Nowadays we are addicted to our mobiles, and we can’t live without it for a single minute.

You may enjoy while using your mobile phone, but it is so dangerous for your health as the rays from a mobile can give a significant impact on your health. But is it easy to quit the addiction of any hazardous product?  No.

You may quit the habit of playing with the phone, but you can’t stop the habit of drinking, smoking. And You may leave your good habits and addictions such as goes to temple habit or to read a book. will not be able to quit your drinking habit easily. We all are worried about such habits.

Especially when this addiction by our family member or our close one. We do not want our family member to start consuming alcohol. do not want our son or daughter should start drinking alcohol. And We do not even want our wife or husband should begin consuming alcohol.

It is not about a gender who can drink or who cannot. It is about health; your health may not be safe if you start consuming such substance daily.

  • How to quit drinking?

Try to control yourself if you can’t then stay in a rehab where you can quit your drinking addiction. There is another option too. Chant the mantra by which you can leave your drinking habit.

Om Hreem Yam Yash


spell this mantra for 108 times in a day

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