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Mantra to Conceive Baby
Mantra to Conceive Baby

Mantra to Conceive Baby

Mantra to Conceive Baby
Mantra to Conceive Baby

Are you waiting for blessing of having kid? If you are wife, you are desperately waiting to become mother. If you are husband, you are waiting for moment to see your child in your arms. However, it just seems as dream to become parent for you. Moreover you can hear the news of your nearby couples becoming parents. Your family keeps on asking you when your time will come. You do not have answers to any of those questions. You went to lot many doctors to solve this problem. However, there is no help. Do not lose hope because God has bought you in the right place. Today you will find the cure of your problem. The mantra to conceive baby will give you the happiness that you are desiring for so long.

Mantra to conceive a baby boy/girl

Having a baby is an important phase of marriage. A child is sign of love between husband and wife. It makes parents as responsible person. After marriage, it generally happens that distance increases between husband and wife. The daily routine life causes boredom in marriage. Love will seem to fade away between them. As a result, they start growing apart from each other. Suddenly after conceiving baby, whole world of parents starts revolving around their kid. They will always think about ways of raising kids. They will think about money and will always make plans. Many times parents will adjust themselves in marriage for sake of their children. This will also cause decrease in distance between husband and wife. A child lessens the risks of divorce between parents. Hence, your child will play very important role in your marriage.

The child keeps the family together.  It gives joy to grandparents to see their grandchild playing with them. It is a joint effort of husband and wife that makes upbringing of child successful. The mantra to conceive baby will indirectly protect your marriage as well.

Why some couples face difficulties to become parent?

There are many reasons why some married couples cannot conceive. The medical science has become very advanced today. Still, it cannot solve problem of couples who cannot conceive baby. Many times infertility is the reason of not conceiving. Some women have problems in their reproductive organs. Sometimes men can have problems which causes infertility. In some cases, the female gets pregnant easily. However, some issue will happen while she is pregnant. This will cause her miscarriage. Due to miscarriage, both husband and wife go through depressing phase. The mantra to conceive baby is like miracle for people who want to have child.

How to chant mantra to conceive baby?

The mantra to conceive baby are not just words you have to chant. You should do it with complete faith and attention. Do not keep any doubt whether it will work or not. You have to impress God and you can do it only by showing your dedication. You should not keep any negative feelings while chanting mantra to conceive baby. Also avoid any type of fights or arguments between you and your spouse. This mantra to conceive baby are very powerful words which even pregnant women can do. It will make sure that delivery of baby happens smoothly. The women should not do mantra to conceive baby during their menstrual cycle.

You will have to chant mantra to conceive baby every day. If you are not able to do daily, you can do it on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. However, try your best to do it daily. You will have to do it for 48 days. If you do it with your spouse daily then it is best. It is better if you chant early in the morning because it is quiet. If this is not possible, then you can chant it after sunset. You should chant mantra to conceive baby at least three times per day. If you want you can chant it up to 1,008 times per day. You have to chant it after having bath.

Mantra to Conceive Baby
Mantra to Conceive Baby

Mantra to get pregnant with baby boy/girl

Make sure that you wear clean clothes while chanting. Also you should clean your house before starting chanting. You should select place very carefully for chanting. You should sit in east quadrant of your house and should face east side. If you are doing in puja room, then sit in east quadrant while facing east side. You should offer any pink colour flowers. In this period of 48 days, both of you and your spouse should not eat any non-vegetarian food. You should not drink alcohol and should not smoke. Make sure that you do charities during this period of 48 days. You should try giving food to pregnant animals or poor pregnant women. This will surely give you blessings.

How to make sure that mantra works?

It seems as simple task, however chanting mantra to conceive baby for 48 days is not in reality that simple. You will hardly able to continue with same focus that you had on first day of chanting. It is true that when you do it with your spouse you will get fast results. However, this does not guarantee that it will work. You can make sure about your focus, but you cannot make sure about your spouse’s focus. Therefore, it is highly advisable to chant mantra to conceive baby under supervision of mantra specialist. This will help both husband and wife to chant mantra successfully for 48 days. Our Guruji is the best person who will help you in chanting mantra to conceive baby.

Our Guruji have given his valuable guidance to many unfortunate married couples. These couples were trying to have kids since long time. After following our Guruji, those married couples got blessing in the form of their child. Today they are living the life of happiness. Our Guruji will make sure that you are properly chanting mantras. He will help you in such way that you will not have to keep worrying every time. So, do not just sit and keep thinking about it. Call our Guruji now and tell him about your problems. You are going to enjoy the parenthood soon.


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