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Mantra To Make Enemy Run Away From Home
Mantra To Make Enemy Run Away From Home

Mantra To Make Enemy Run Away From Home

Mantra To Make Enemy Run Away From Home or to make enemy powerless can be use to make enemy surrender. Get mantra to make enemy paralysed to run away enemy from your life.

Mantra To Make Enemy Run Away From Home
Mantra To Make Enemy Run Away From Home

An enemy is a negative person who tries to hurt you. He only thinks the worst for you. Hence, you should use a mantra to make the enemy run away from home.

Accordingly, Try These Mantras;

  • You can chant Shani mantra to destroy your enemies. Chant it as many times as you like. Also, pronounce the words slowly and clearly. Again, you should do it in the morning for maximum benefits. Finally, you should have the utmost concentration while doing it.
  • Hanuman mantra is equally sufficient. You can use it whenever you feel its need. You should take a bath in the morning. Then, chant it for 108 times for five repetitions. Also, you need to repeat it for following 4 Tuesdays. Simultaneously, donate food and clothing to boys.
  • If you are under your enemy’s spell, you can use Shabarmantra for uchchatan. You can make its yantra on a silver sheet. A clean white paper will also do. Use pomegranate pen and saffron or turmeric ink. Afterwards, wash it with holy water. You should have it later on. Do this remedy in ShuklaPaksha. You will recover within three weeks.
  • Again, you can use the very rare Stambhan You should use it very carefully. Write it on a bhojpatra. Now, chant it for 1000 times. Also, say your enemy’s name after every chant. Perform this ritual secretly.

Thus, a mantra to make the enemy run away from home is a useful tool.

Mantra to Make Enemy Powerless

Mantra to Make Enemy Powerless, You can use a mantra to make enemy powerless. It will remove him from your life permanently. Hence, you can enjoy a tension-free life.

In This Regard, Consider These Mantras;

  • Take an earthen lamp. Pour some ghee in it and then light it. Also, add some honey in the lamp’s flame. Now, chant the mantra for 1000 times daily. Then, take four long iron nails. Again chant the mantra. Finally, bury them in the ground. You will soon see positive result.
  • Kali mantra is an easy tantra mantra to defeat your enemies. Recite it for 1000 times for 21 days to attain siddhi. Afterwards, you can daily recite for 108 times. It will destroy your enemies.
  • You can also use vashikaran with bright and positive intention. It is a simple and straightforward mantra. You can gain control over your enemy’s mind and body. It will give excellent and effective result. However, you should perform it under expert guidance.
  • Again, you can use powerful Tantrik and NavnathShaabri They are very popular to get rid of enemy troubles. They are protection mantras. As such, you should not misuse them. They may boomerang back to you.
  • Furthermore, you can try Durga and Kali mantras to destroy your enemies within 60 seconds. They are mighty. Also, they will bring your enemies toy your feet. They are easy tantra mantras to destroy your enemies.

Therefore, you should undoubtedly apply any mantra to make enemy powerless.

Mantra To Make Enemy Surrender

Mantra To Make Enemy Surrender, If you want your enemy to surrender, you should use a suitable mantra to make enemy surrender. It will punish him and remove him from your life.

Hence, Learn These Mantras;

  • Banglamukhi Mantra Prayog is a powerful sadhana mantra. It is also a well-known black magic technique. Begin it on a Thursday evening. Use yellow food, yellow clothes and yellow fruits. Sit on a yellow woollen sheet and face east. Now, light a mustard oil lamp. Also, offer it and a yellow garland to the goddess Banglamukhi. Then, light incense and sprinkle holy water in your hands. Finally, pray with a dhyan mantra.
  • You can also try the very popular Surya Chant it in the evening, just before the sunset. You can also do it for 108 times at sunrise with a rosary. Do it every day until you get positive results. Also, light a lamp in front of Lord Surya. Finally, do aarti and chant along with it. It will, thus, help you win over your enemies.
  • Again, recite an Aghori protection mantra from RudrayamalaTantra. It is a Stambhan mantra to keep control over the enemies. Take your enemy’s name while chanting it 108 times. It will destroy his intellect. However, you should carefully and genuinely use it.
  • Furthermore, you can use Rama Raksha mantra, rudram, Sudarshanmantra and Chandi path as protection against enemies. Do them regularly.

Thus, you will defeat your enemy with a mantra to make the enemy surrender.

Mantra To Make Enemy Paralysed

Mantra To Make Enemy Paralysed, You can use a mantra to make enemy paralysed. Thus, you can take revenge on him. Moreover, it will ultimately destroy him. He will also not attack you anymore.

As Such, Consider These Mantras;

  • You can use black magic spells and vashikaran to make your enemy powerless. Also, you can apply a maran mantra where his pains will be equivalent to death. You can make him sick and bedridden. Thus, you can take revenge easily. However, your intentions should be clear and prefixed.
  • Again, you can use kali mantra to destroy and punish your enemies. It is a powerful tantra mantra. Moreover, it is easy and straightforward to follow. You should do it secretly and without letting him know.
  • Banglamukhi mantra is an excellent black magic technique to conquer your enemy. You should use turmeric rosary for chanting it for 1.25 lakh times. Again, you should offer Her a yellow garland, yellow fruits and yellow food. You should even sit on a yellow woollen asan. Also, light a mustard oil lamp and offer it to Her. Finally, seek Her blessings. Begin it on any Thursday evening.
  • Furthermore, do Mahakalipooja daily at night with blue garland, sindur and kumkum. Recite Mahakali mantra for 11 times with black hakik rosary. Do it for three months. After that, do a hawan and wear the rosary on the neck for lifetime. Finally, chant this mantra for 108 times daily.

Thus, you should use a mantra to make enemy paralysed.

Vashikaran Mantra For Enemies

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