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Mantra To Remove Curse
Mantra To Remove Curse

Mantra To Remove Curse

Mantra To Remove Curse or to remove sins and curses can be use to remove bad karma of past life. We also Provide you durga mantra to remove bad luck to make you lucky one.

Mantra To Remove Curse
Mantra To Remove Curse

A curse is usually inflicted on somebody to cause him harm. Anybody can place it at any time. However, Mantra To Remove Curse use for it.

Accordingly, these are;

  • Chant Durga GayatriMantra at sunrise.
  • Write Rudra yamala Tanra Mantra on a bhojpatra. Later chant it for 1000 times.
  • Dakshina Kali Sapavimochana Mantra is equally valid.
  • Also, try Chhinamasta Sapavimochana Mantra.
  • Chanting of Maa Ganga hymn also removes afflictions.
  • Meditate on Dattatriya Yantra.
  • Place a single mirror in a bowl of black salt. Now, facing the mirror, keep a photo of the person cursing you. A doll or his business card will also do.
  • Create a decoy poppet for yourself. It will take the negative energies from the person cursing you.
  • Use a spell-breaking amulet.
  • Take a purifying bath. Include rue, hyssop, salt, and similar herbs.
  • Burn uncrossing incense, made of protective herbs.
  • Recite 37th
  • On Purnima morning sprinkle sea salt on top of each lemon half. Now sweep your aura with each half. Then, place them facing the altar. Discard them the next morning. Finally, repeat it for 12 days.
  • Again, recite Hanuman mantra.
  • Take one wheat lamp. Also, take one lemon, six red chilies, six sweets, two cloves, and two black cardamoms. Now, place them on a paan leaf. Around midnight keep them on a 4-way crossing. Also, light the lamp using mustard oil. Recite Kaali Mantra for 11 times. Finally, return without looking back.

Thus, you will eventually get rid of the curses harming you.

Mantra To Remove Sins And Curses

Mantra To Remove Sins And Curses, Mantra cleanses. It atones. Furthermore, it destroys evil curses. Hence, faithfully apply them in your life. You will surely be washed inside out.

First, start karma-cleansing,

  • Rectify your sins.
  • Go on a pilgrimage.
  • Stay humble.
  • Be mindful.
  • Inculcate new habits.
  • Build new thoughts.
  • Unconditionally love.
  • Accordingly, do charity.
  • Be grateful.
  • Also, be responsible.
  • Consider your motives.
  • Check your attitude.
  • Again, remain emotionally detached.
  • Accept life as it is.
  • Also, practice forgiveness.
  • Finally, anonymously practice good karma.

Next, perform these;

  • Feed Brahmins on Thursdays.
  • Dip in the Holy Ganges.
  • Also, feed rice balls to crows and fish.
  • Again, apply the saffron mark on your forehead, navel, and tongue.
  • Listen to Satyanarayan Katha.
  • Fast on Thursdays.
  • Chant Krishna Mantra.
  • Create your decoy puppet.
  • Recite 37th
  • Also, recite Kaali Mantra every Sunday night.
  • Recite Shiva Mantra on Mondays.
  • Address Bramha for 40 days.
  • Also, chant Lakshmi Mantra for 1008 times.
  • Perform DurgaGayatri Mantra for 21 Thursdays.
  • Furthermore, worship Dattatreya in the morning.
  • Again, chant ChhinamastaSarvovimochana Mantra.
  • Moreover, recite Ganga Shloka.
  • Furthermore, try MahaMritunjaya Mantra.
  • Again, chant Panchakshari Mantra.
  • Do RudrayamalaTantra mantra for 1000 times.
  • Meditate “
  • Additionally, begin your day with Lord Vishnu Mantra.
  • Pray to Hanumanji.
  • Recite 35 Confession Buddha names.
  • Chant Compassion Buddha
  • Wear a spell-breaking amulet.
  • Use magic-mirror spell.
  • Take a purifying bath. Use rue, hyssop, and salt.
  • Burn uncrossing incense, made of protective herbs.
  • In the end, seek professional help.

Consequently, you will overcome all your misfortunes.

Durga Mantra To Remove Bad Luck

Durga Mantra To Remove Bad Luck, Durga mantra is a Sanskrit hymn. It invokes Her powers for overcoming human sufferings. Thus, you too can seek Her blessings.

Accordingly, the 8 Durga mantras are;

  • Dhyan Mantra enhances intellectual capacity.
  • Durga Mantra provides wisdom and strength.
  • Next, Devi Stuti mantra builds inner power. It also develops healthy relationships.
  • Bad omen removing Mantra removes nightmares.
  • Enemy overcoming Mantra brings overall well-being to life.
  • Obstacle removing Mantra fights miseries.
  • Ashanti-Shishu-Shanti-Pradayaak Mantra soothes a disturbed baby.
  • Shakti Mantra protects against every evil.

Hence, the benefits include;

  • Cost-effectiveness,
  • A potent self-transformation tool,
  • Suitable for all,
  • Also, benefits everybody,
  • Enhances positivity,
  • Strengthens mind, body, and soul,
  • Protects from all negativities,
  • Generates all-round peace and prosperity,
  • Removes ignorance, arrogance, and ego,
  • Again, you can chant for others’ sake,
  • Also, boosts sexual life.

Thus, follow these steps;

  • Worship DurgaMaa after waking up.
  • Pray 108 times.
  • Try unison chanting.
  • Next, take an early morning bath.
  • Later on, wear clean yellow clothes.
  • Then, light a pure ghee lamp in front of Durga idol.
  • Next offer Herroli, flowers, bael leaf, rice, and vermillion.
  • Fridays are auspicious.
  • Sit on a rug.
  • Either face East or North.
  • Also, fold your hands and fingers in Gamukh position.
  • Furthermore, use crystal rosary or rudraksha.
  • Later feed seven girls. Also, give them gifts.

Moreover, take care of these,

  • Consult a professional.
  • Pronounce correctly.
  • Be patient.
  • Prefix your objectives.
  • Also, have a good intention.
  • Lastly, focus.

Thus, follow these natural and cost-effective remedies wholeheartedly.

Mantra To Remove Bad Karma of Past Life

Mantra To Remove Bad Karma of Past Life, Mantras rectify past life terrible karma. As such, de-stress yourself. Hence, you will foster a fulfilling life.

Accordingly, the general steps are;

  • Carefully introspect.
  • Trust the process.
  • Aim for a peaceful and calm mind.
  • Also, be patient.
  • Form new habits.
  • Perform deep breathing exercises.
  • Again, remove yourself from a bad environment.
  • Ensure nasal hygiene.
  • Love unconditionally.
  • Always be grateful.
  • Also, be responsible for your words and actions.
  • Check your motives.
  • Also, watch your attitude.
  • Remain emotionally detached.
  • Feed the poor. Do charity. However, do anonymously.
  • Don’t revert to bad conduct of others.
  • Accept life as it comes.
  • Finally, practice forgiveness.

Next, the karma-cleansing rituals involve;

  • Chant 11 rosaries of Papankush mantra. Use spathic or rudraksha. Also, repeat for seven consecutive Saturdays.
  • Worship Dattatreya every morning for 108 times.
  • Go for White light meditation.
  • Chant “Om” as you meditate.
  • Equally compelling is the Shiva and Shivoham Mantra.
  • DwadashaJyotirlingaStuti also helps.
  • Also, DurgaGayatri Mantra is equally essential.
  • Use a handheld prayer wheel.
  • Also, try the prayer wheel pendant.
  • Again, wear a Buddha’s blessing pendant.
  • Recite Compassionate Buddha mantra.
  • Also, chant Medicine Buddha mantra.
  • Furthermore, sincerely worship 5-deity Heruka. Try 28-day short prayer. Consequently, do the long 21-days one.
  • Energy clearing erases negative vibes through divine light.

For getting best results, carefully observe these,

  • Seek professional help.
  • Pronounce correctly.
  • Abort negative thoughts.
  • Be patient.
  • Prefix your objectives.
  • Lastly, focus on your wishes.

Thus, you will undoubtedly break the karmic cycle.

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